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ORIGIN: Vermont Shepherd, Putney, Vermont  


MILK: sheep  


RENNET: microbial  


David and Yesenia Major, raise a herd of about 500 sheep with the help of their family and 10 dogs on the oldest sheep dairy farm in America. Verano ("summer" in Spanish) is one of their seasonal cheeses, made when the herd is grazing on pastures of clover, grasses, and wild herbs. The cheese is semi-firm, with earthy, herbal, savory flavors. It's a Vermont-made take on the style of cheese you'd find in the Basque region.

Beverage pairings: light to medium-bodied red wines (especially Spanish wines or red blends), Grenache Blanc, unfiltered hard ciders

Accompaniments: quince paste, savory/spicy preserves & chutneys, Coppa Serrano

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