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ORIGIN: Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont

FAMILY: Aged Firm  

MILK: sheep & cow


RENNET: animal  


We have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like Shepsog. This firm, mixed milk cheese has savory flavors that remind us of buttered popcorn.

"Shepsog" is the Algonquin word for sheep. The cheese's name is a tribute to the flocks that covered Vermont's hills during the 19th century when the wool trade thrived in New England. Grafton sources sheeps' milk from neighboring family farms for this crumbly, delicious local treat.

Beverage pairings: Rhone Reds, rich whites like Viognier, IPAs, Normandy cider

Other accompaniments: Effie's Walnut biscuits, our house-made Apricot Bacon jam, cured meats

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