l'amuse Signature Aged Gouda

l'amuse Signature Aged Gouda

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ORIGIN: Fromagerie l'amuse, Holland

FAMILY: Aged Firm  

MILK: cow  

TREATMENT: pasteurized 

RENNET: vegetarian  


One of the most beautiful and consistently delicious cheeses in our case! The salted caramel of cheese, this Gouda's creamy paste is accented with a crystalline crunch.

L'amuse goudas come to us via cheese maven Betty Koster. Ask a monger why we love Betty; she's brilliant, knowledgeable, fascinating, and kind - and she has a palate for cheese that's unparalelled. Every cheese she sends out into the world is exquisite.

Beverage pairings: Syrah, Zinfandel, sparkling wines, Lapsang Souchong tea

Accompaniments: berry jams, milk chocolate, chiles, cashews, spicy meats

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