Brie Fermier

Brie Fermier

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ORIGIN: France

FAMILY: Soft-Ripened  

MILK: cow  

TREATMENT: pasteurized  

RENNET: animal  

INTENSITY: medium-strong

This is the closest thing to a "real" French Brie that we can get in the U.S. The owners of Ferme de la Tremblaye, just west of Paris, describe their operation as an "Agroecological farm." They've just completed organic certification and are a certified B-Corp, with a demonstrated commitment to quality products, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship.

Their cheeses have the classic mushroomy, savory notes you'd expect from a French soft-ripened cheese, with lots of flavor and a slightly challenging (but in the best way!) aroma. While we've found plenty of delicious bloomy rind cheeses made in the U.S., this one stays in our case as a testament to the kind of flavors the French can inspire.

Beverage pairings: sparkling wine, dry cider, Chardonnay

Accompaniments: fig jam, berries, cured meats

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