We know the dairy farmers and cheesemakers who make the products we sell.

We know that they prioritize animal welfare, sustainable agriculture, and environmental stewardshipWe know that many of them are continuing a tradition of family farming despite enormous challenges, because they can’t imagine doing anything else.

When you buy their products, you become part of that community of good agricultural practice and good food.

Most of our cheeses are domestic, and are primarily made in New England and the Northeast. Some of our cheeses come from other parts of the world because there's just nothing else like them (Giorgio Cravero's Parmigiano, for example, or Betty Koster's extraordinary l'amuse Goudas). No matter where it's born, we know that our cheese is made with care and integrity, with milk from healthy animals on land that's managed well.

The cheeses below represent some of our most popular selections. Our cheese case changes every week, and may include some things not pictured here, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking for something special!


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