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Mt. Alice

Mt. Alice

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ORIGIN: Von Trapp Farmstead, Waitsfield, Vermont  

FAMILY: Soft-ripened  

MILK: cow  

TREATMENT: pasteuried  

RENNET: traditional  


We love this delicate, buttery, and delicious bloomy rind cheese developed by cheesemaker Molly Semmler at Vermont's Von Trapp Farmstead. Mt. Alice is named for a mountain just south of the fields where the family's herd of Jersey, Normandie, Montbeliarde, and Ayrshire cows graze.

Mt. Alice's flavors range from mild, creamy, and almost citrusy when young to a rich mushroomy earthiness when mature. Serve it unaccompanied with bread or crackers to enjoy its subtle flavor, or with tart, citrusy jams for a lovely contrast.

Beverage pairings: dry sparkling wines, rosé, herbal tea

Accompaniments: tart fruit jams, apricots, sauteed/roasted mushrooms 


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